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Eyebrow Hair Removal

Essential Beauty uses a wax created with a colorant-free, hypoallergenic, vegan formula designed exclusively for sensitive skin. 

Our Pricing

Chin: Chin wax 

Chin Extended: Chin & neck 

Ear wax 

Full Face Wax: Brows included 


Lip wax

Nostril wax 



Bikini Line: Outside of swimsuit 

Bikini Enhanced: Think skimpy swimsuit 

Brazilian Initial:  Bare as you want to be

Brazilian Maintenance: 3 to 5 weeks 














Brazilian Wax Treatments in Reno

Brazilian Treatment

The Brazillian Treatment focuses on improving ingrown hairs, increasing hydration, and brightening the skin. This treatment sloughs dead skin, and smooths bumps. This treatment is a great add on to any brazillian wax.

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